The Mimer SQL Validator Web Service

What is this?

The Mimer SQL Validator is a public web service, freely accessible from standardized web service applications.
It validates SQL statements against the ISO SQL99 Standard.
SQL Statements are stored anonymously to be used by the ISO SQL Standards committee.

How do I use it?

Develop your own web service client application or download one of ours at the Current Version product page.
To access a web service you will, of course, need an Internet connection.

Current Version

The product page for the Version 1.0 of this web service.
Information includes downloadable code and application examples for several developing techniques and environments.

Available Mimer SQL Validator web services

To check all currently published web services, click here

The service in action

The phpMyAdmin project utilizes this php interface to the Mimer SQL Validator.
SQuirreL SQL has made a Mimer SQL Validator plugin for the SQuirreL SQL Client.

Other resources

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The Validator on the web
If you have any comments or questions please e-mail info at mimer dot com.