The Mimer SQL Validator Web Service, version 1.0

You have reached the Mimer SQL Validator web service, version 1.0 web page.
The Mimer SQL Validator Web Service start page can be found here

The technology

Develop your own web service client applications! Use our downloadable example code to get started.
Basically, you must first call the openSession service to get a sessionId and a sessionKey before you can call the process service.
See the Java client code example for details on calling, mandatory and optional parameters etc.
The openSession service returns a SessionData
The process service returns a result of type ValidatorResult
The process service can take one or more SQL statements, but will always return one result for each call.

The server

For a WSDL file for the SQL99Validator, see SQL99Validator?wsdl (you may have to view page source depending on your browser).

A Java client code example

Take a look at the ValidateSQL99Client source code!
This is a code example, a simple Java client that runs on your Java Virtual Machine after compilation.
Viewing this source code is probably the best way to get started using the Mimer SQL Validator web service, regardless of what programming language you use.
Right now, it is the best documentation available.

A Perl client code example

A simple command line Perl client
Instructions and documentation included in source file.
Runs on Perl compatible systems. Consult your system documentation or explore Perl resources at Perl mongers or

A Visual Basic .NET client application

A packaged Windows application program, the Mimer SQL Validator DotNet
Runs on Windows 98/ME/XP & NT4/2000/.NET
Requires the .NET Framework, look at MSDN or
Developed in the Visual Studio .NET development environment, download the project code

If you have any comments or questions please e-mail olof dot edlund at upright dot se.